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Walking down Nightmares Solo Instrument Song
Clean Groove Solo Instrument Loop
Fear Solo Instrument Song
Elise a twist (Short) Solo Instrument Song
Peaceful Times Solo Instrument Song
Listen! Miscellaneous Song
Gravestone Miscellaneous Song
Cycle of Death Miscellaneous Song

2014 Submissions

Glass Heart Miscellaneous Voice
Fast pace Classical Song
Dance of the Puppets Classical Song
F- you Miscellaneous Voice
Only the begining Miscellaneous Voice
Finally I have you Miscellaneous Voice
Hero Miscellaneous Voice
Stars Miscellaneous Voice
Listen to thy song Miscellaneous Voice
Everyday Miscellaneous Song
Lovely Classical Song

2013 Submissions

Spy Time Techno Song
Good Time Techno Song
Consequences Techno Song
Sneaky tune Solo Instrument Song
Village tune Solo Instrument Loop