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2017-02-17 15:36:58 by GrahamPatison

This website seems to be slowing down a bit and I dont really want that. I love how this website manages itself and the wonderful people and communities. I got on today after a really long time and found me going down memory lane. I saw old friends and was shocked about losing my favorite music artist on here; alianchao. Anyways, how are you?

Gues back?

2015-05-19 21:51:13 by GrahamPatison

Ive finally returned. The reason I left was, well, because of a HORRIBLE breakup. Im fine now and im back with a swing, a song, and more artistic ideas! Please enjoy all my songs, artwork, and maybe movies (still no video game creating, cant figure it out). Please enjoy everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day and accomplish your goals!

Love for all!




2014-07-31 16:06:54 by GrahamPatison

To all the people who are my fans- Thank you. It will be amazing if I got more fans but I am glad I can make a few. Thank you.


Ps.~Still no news on the vocaloid contest


2014-06-26 23:04:52 by GrahamPatison

I have a dream of being a vocaloid. I have submited and have auditioned for being a vocaloid. I hope I make it

my Future

2013-02-09 20:55:37 by GrahamPatison

My poetry has been published
I think I am gonna be awesome

A power

2012-07-08 22:30:06 by GrahamPatison

Everyone has a power within themselves the power is there own will and there own ability to be themselves.


2012-06-11 17:07:57 by GrahamPatison

Summer time is awesome!